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Success across all aspects of your life: “Thank you very much for being a truly wonderful coach. Your help made absolutely positive impact at both the professional and personal life for me. You have not only thoughtful insights but also a caring mind. I feel fortunate having worked with you.” –Y. Choi

“Gwen has literally changed my perspective on coaching. Every person should have a coach to help them navigate the waters of life including business, personal and health issues. We go through life being trained by managers who have no clue how or desire to help us be the best we can be. This is where Gwen picks up the pieces and guides you to your personal best. I attribute my success and growth to her teachings and guidance. It is like having your own personal Yoda. I guarantee you success if you engage her.”  –Kathy Minchew

“Working with a professional executive coach as yourself was a valuable experience.  You helped me examine my everyday managerial responsibilities, prepare for high level executive interviews and put me on the road to evaluating life in retirement..all very timely and important concerns to me!”  —Mike Duman

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Getting Unstuck: “…Working with Gwen helped me become ‘unstuck’…I realized how many choices and options I had…I still apply what I learned almost daily!” –Nina Richman-Loo

“Gwen helps you unravel the mass of things, point by point, that are blocking your professional progress.  She can help you start with baby steps to get from A to B, then before you know it, you have taken flight.  She always has fresh insights that are way out in front.” –Martha Moses

“I got more out of our hour together than the last several months with “outplacement”.  You got me really charged up.” –L. Muhlstein

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Career- Changing: “Stuck in a miserable job, I looked for a new position without success for three years before finding Gwen (through an online search conducted out of sheer desperation). She challenged me to think differently about the job search and to step outside my comfort zone. Plus, she was candid but relentlessly positive, too. After working with her for just a few months, I landed my current position in a new field, which, six months in, I can say is a fantastic fit for me. Her help on my résumé, cover letter, and interviewing practices was invaluable. Feeling that I had someone “on my side,” helping me work through each step, was just as helpful—Gwen’s coaching gave me a real sense of possibility that I hadn’t felt when I was going it alone. She even coached me in negotiating my salary, which led to a 20% increase over the initial offer! I am a Gwen Fan for Life. – J. Nichols

“My career transition really got started when I called Gwen.  I still can’t believe I was so fortunate to step right out of the Post Office into a new career. The new job is challenging, but in a good way, and I really like what I do.” –Ronald (Leigh) Allen

“Now that I am in a transitional stage of my career, I appreciate Gwen’s guidance and support even more. In 2007, I wrote, “Gwen is a great career coach. She has helped me discover my goals, values and skills. This was done through a very realistic and sometimes difficult process (for me). I would recommend Gwen to anyone!” That was true and rings even truer now. In determining my next steps, the work I have done with Gwen has stayed with me and I feel that I am on the right path to a second career that is even more fulfilling than the first. Her caring and honest approach really helps you to dig deep and that is exactly what you need in a coach. I said it in 2007, and I say it again, I would recommend Gwen to anyone! Thank you, Gwen!” –Lori Balash Muhlstein


Job-Changing: “Gwen focuses on the unique individual in front of her, and for me that meant accompanying me through a painful job transition, that in the end, transformed into a powerful learning experience to make better job choices in the future.” –J. Milosch

” Several years ago I found myself in an extremely hostile work environment… Gwen helped me understand that the solution lay in taking an entirely new road, rather than traveling the same path and repeatedly making the same mistakes. I now work for a manager who appreciates my skills and dedication. Upon reflection, it seems extremely unlikely I ever could have extricated myself without Gwen’s help.” –Emil Regelman 

“Gwen helped me narrow my job search by learning more about myself, my work habits and my ideal work environment. Her approach helped me gain a new insight about my professional self and mature as an office communicator. I’m very appreciative for all she taught me.” –Rob Yunich  

“Our sessions affirmed that I was heading in the right direction but that I need to develop a new skill set.  With your help, I was also able to focus my search on organizations with the characteristics we identified as important for my next employment situation: smaller, for-profit, financially healthy, interesting work, autonomy and self-directed work processes, and continuous learning. I’m very excited about the trajectory I’m on at this point.”  –Kristen S.


Getting Promoted:  “Gwen has been  a superlative coach in the area of career and life coaching.  She is extremely knowledgeable on navigating the political waters of corporate politics and assisting people in finding their path to promotional opportunities.  She has an uncanny ability to cut right to the core of issues of interpersonal relationships in the work place.  She also is excellent at determining your core values and professional strengths.  I would highly recommend her as a coach.” –Robert Wood


Rewire Instead of Retire: “You nailed my drivers down with just a few very explicit words.  Those words have done more to focus me on my future than all the previous discussions I have had with myself and friends regarding what I should do with the rest of my life.” –K. Ward

“I have referred ~ a dozen clients to Gwen and the results have been very good.  Clients love the idea of someone who helps them get their head and heart together for retirement or after a big event, e.g. divorce, death, career change and the feedback has been tremendous.” –Steve Cassaday, Cassaday and Company

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