Here are some resources I recommend for your journey


15 Invaluable Websites for Job Search: CareerRealism published a great article outlining some well-known and not-so-well-known job sites for all levels and types of job search. This is the most comprehensive website for job/career listing as it aggregates listings from numerous sites.

Glass Door: Best website for opinions of companies, salary information, keywords and job titles.

Job Site Review: This site reviews the best on line job sites.

DISC Assessments: DISC assessments are accurate psychological tests built from the renowned research of respected psychologist William Moulton Marston. An online DISC assessment can help you better understand what drives your personal interactions in the workplace, in social situations and within your family.  You can bring your assessment results to us to enhance your coaching experience.

MAPP Career Test: The MAPP™ career test is an online career assessment for students, graduates and working adults. The free career test takes 15 minutes to fill out and gives you a wealth of information that we can use to help you make wise career choices.

Authentic Happiness: On this website you can determine your “strengths” which is a great way to begin the coaching process as my style of coaching believes in building on your strengths.

The Power of Full Engagement: Energy and not time is the key to being efficient and effective.  Take a free self profile to measure your personal energy and resilience at work and in life.  The test is based on the book The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.

The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job: Another fascinating infographic about social media and its remarkable influence on job search and employment. Some interesting info: 93% of recruiters will search your social media profiles during the interview process and 44% of recruiters have actually hired through social media. LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, and other social media channels can no longer be ignored by any job seeker. is a free job search engine that indexes jobs directly for free from companies’ career websites, placement agencies and job boards. We centralize all jobs available on the web to help people find new career opportunities, so we are much like the Google for jobs.


Authentic Happiness: On this website you can take a free test to determine your “happiness” status. The results will help you determine if you are a candidate for coaching and what you want to work on to improve your “happiness” quotient.

Turn Stress Into Bliss: Take a free stress test and learn how to deal with stress.

Weight, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse: Research and answers for the most common questions abut weight, alcohol and every major drug abuse.

EXERCISE This is the website for Health magazine which contains a wealth of information on exercising, good nutrition, health products and the latest information on health care.

Yoga Journal: The best source for understanding yoga, yoga poses and the eastern traditions of wisdom that inform yoga.  Also contains great breathing exercises to de-stress and re-focus.


Real Age: Go to this website to check your health status and get tips on staying in shape, eating smart and dealing with stress.

AARP: AARP’s website is a great health information website.

World’s Healthiest Foods: George Mateljian Foundation discusses the world’s healthiest foods and recipes for cooking these foods, as well as healthy eating.