Retirement/Rewiring Coaching

Imagine your calendar is empty.
That is what retirement can look like if you don’t plan for “Who I will be” when traditional work or your career ends.

You may not realize it, but it is possible to “flunk”retirement!

Many high-profile individuals, like Jimmy Carter or Lee Iacocca got to that point and needed a game plan for the rest of their lives.

Retire?  No.

Rewire. Reroute your personal energy that was spent on full-time work into deeply satisfying, personally customized work activities.  Could be full-time, part time, flex-time, phased sabbatical, seasonal, paid, personal, and/or volunteer activities— that can family-teen-w-grandmatransform your next act into the most fulfilling time of your life!

Rewiring coaching is about creating a new purposeful life that meets your needs for mental stimulation, social interaction, physical and spiritual well being.   I can help you design a “What’s Next” lifestyle that meets your unique personality and needs.  And then we’ll work together to put your roadmap in motion so that you achieve a productive and satisfying third act!

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