Career Coaching

man-at-deskDo you hate your job or just feel stuck, unappreciated, overlooked or overwhelmed in your job?

WomenLeadershipPerhaps you’re facing a corporate shakeup that has left you unsure of your place in the company.

Maybe you’re just itching to follow a new dream.

I’ll help you clarify who you are, what you want and how to get the right job for you!!

    • Through Career Coaching  you will get the new job, new career, promotion or re-wire instead of retire.
    • We’ll use assessments and tools to discover who  you are and what you want.
    • You will learn the best strategies for getting the job you want in today’s market.
    • You will benefit from Gwen’s objective experience and advice, including negotiation skills to maximize the financial opportunities every step of the way.
    • You will receive lots of handouts on every phase of the successful job search including networking, cover letters, resumes, researching employers, interviewing and negotiating compensation and benefits.


With all this information you will successfully cross the bridge to finding the right job, career, or re-wire for all of the right reasons and create greater satisfaction in your life.

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